The bike is a mean of transport that appeals to more and more people, for many reasons. Besides being economical and eco-friendly, riding bicycle is good for you.
Introducing children to the “two wheels” is a great choice because it is a health investment for their future, of course without neglecting the proper safety precautions. Let’s see what are the 5 reasons why cycling is good:
1. It protects the heart
Pedaling helps exercising the heart muscle, keeps it stronger and accustomed to resist fatigue. Not only that, cycling is good for the entire cardiovascular system, because it improves the circulation in the legs and prevents the onset of swelling in the legs.
2. Improves muscle tone
Even without being a professional cyclist, cycling is good for your muscles as it improves the tone of the buttocks, calves and muscles of the lumbar spine.
3. Helps you lose weight
Being an aerobic activity, cycling is recommended for people who want to lose the extra pounds, especially for menopausal women who need to be careful with the weight. An hour of cycling, in fact, helps to burn up to 500 calories and is also recommended in home fitness, where is replaced with the exercise bike.
4. Preserves the joints
Unlike the race, for example, cycling does not solicit knees, femur and ankles because 50% of the body weight is discharged on the buttocks and on the saddle. For older people there is a great selection of step through bikes for seniors, that will help you stay active long after you’ve retired.
5. Improves strength
Cyclists have more energy and stamina because they are trained to withstand fatigue and have to deal with friction, gravity and induced drag from the air.

That’s why it is true that cycling is good, we must never forget that it is an endurance sport, so are important training, graduation and attention to some things that can enhance our bike ride experience.