Deciding to become a “blogger” is easy, but what really takes to belong to this category? Regardless of the type of blog you have (Lifestyle, Food, Fashion…) here’s what your True Blogger Kit should include.


How would your posts look without images? Undoubtedly plain and sad. I cannot recommend a specific brand or model, since not everyone has the same abilities, possibilities do the same needs. But having a good camera is important if you have a blog: good pictures will emphasize your creativity, and the content of your blog. You can start by using a camera for beginners to and browsing for basic tips from many photography blogs on the web.

The cameras on smartphones are fantastic and can solve the problem in many situations in which bringing a bulky camera could be a problem. But to take your blog to the next level, a good camera is way to go.


A computer is indispensable for a blogger. It may seem an obvious and trivial thing, but using a quick and efficient tool will get you to be more productive. In addition, good advice is to choose a portable computer, like a netbook, which you can take with you on vacation, meetings or just to work in the cafe with a cup of tea.


A powerful hard disk is essential, especially if your blog contains many photographs. It is useful for you to act as an external memory where you can put all that you don’t need anymore, but also to make backups of your computer. My Hard Disk includes my whole life, all the most important photographs from 2006 to the present!


A fast smartphone, complete with useful Apps useful and a fantastic camera is indispensable for every self-respecting blogger! Dragging your laptop anywhere is impossible, which is why a good smartphone will do his duty on events and meetings!


Sometimes writing things by putting pen to paper is a better way to make things clearer. In addition, agenda is very important to schedule appointments, articles, shooting etc.


When you find yourself having to choose whether to take pictures for Instagram or use Maps to get home, you realize why having a portable charger for cell phone is an imperative!