There are couples, whose love after the years of marriage and living together still grows strong, in fact, it seems that their bond is stronger and deeper than ever. If you are one of those couples you have probably thought of renewing your vows. And, although the organization of renewing vows party is simpler than the wedding, it also requires time and planning. That is why, we give you couple of tips to successfully organize the renewing your vows.

BUDGET: Before organizing any event it is essential to make a budget, and the vow renewal is not an exception. When a couple prepares their wedding, you know that you will spend significant sum, so you are more careful with spending. But when you organize a party for renewing vows, it is easy to forget the budget planning, because you think you are not going to spend that much money anyway. Well, think again!

GUESTS: Although it’s totally up to you who you want to invite to your vows renewal, we suggest that you invite only your closest family and friends. This ceremony is much more intimate than the wedding, so there is no need to invite your parents’ friends, co-workers, or anyone that is not really close to you and know you well as a couple.

THE DRESS: There are brides who don’t have a problem with wearing white again, and that’s perfectly fine. However, remember that vow renewal is not a second wedding. The wedding vow renewal is an intimate ceremony so select an appropriate dress — one that screams romance. Take a look at some designers with simple casual wedding dresses in their collections, as these are perfect for the informal ceremony of renewing your vows.

simple romantic wedding dressWhat will the ceremony look like?

If you opt for a non-religious ceremony, it is best to have an officiant or master of ceremonies. The script of the act will be tailored to the couple, including what they want: ring exchange, symbolic ceremony, friends or relatives included… What should not be missing is the renewal of the couple’s marriage vows, since this is the fundamental part.

Religious ceremony is more formal. It is typically held in a house of worship, and the course of ceremony, including the words you will say at your vow renewal will be largely dictated by the officiant and are similar to, if not the same, words you would say at a wedding.

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The reception

The venue should fit in with the budget available, the number of guests, the time of year and, of course, with what you want. Although you can choose the same place where you celebrated the wedding, there are other interesting options: your house, a country house, a loft or a rented villa, a museum room, a castle, a boat … Food and drink do not have to same as on a wedding menu, they can be simpler, but without losing quality. The cocktail, brunch, or buffet are ideal options for
celebration of the renewal of vows.
For the cake you can do kind of a spinoff of a traditional wedding cake: tiered cupcake stand, mini cake display, or you can go with a traditional wedding cake particularly if you didn’t have the cake of your dreams at your wedding.


Why to renew vows?

The reasons for reaffirming the marriage vows are different for each couple, but the most common are:

  • Celebrating a big wedding anniversary, such as Silver Wedding or Golden Wedding.
  • Experiencing some serious difficulties as a couple and using the renewal ceremony to reaffirm your love and commitment for each other after overcoming them.
  • If the wedding was a civil ceremony and now you want a religious wedding ceremony to celebrate with your family and friend.
  • They want to renew their commitment in a public way, as a gesture of love and trust towards each other.
  • Or simply celebrating the years of happy marriage are the perfect excuse to throw a party for family and friends.